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 Hello (FI)

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In Neutral
In Neutral

Number of posts : 11
Location : Finland
Registration date : 2015-03-08

PostSubject: Hello (FI)   Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 19:56

Hello from Finland.

I've been a member for a few weeks but finally picked up my bike from the dealer today and thought maybe it's time for introduction. So, the bike is a Black -08 with Laser Extreme slip-ons, powercommander + few other treats.

My previous bike was a Triumph Street Triple (ridiculously agile and brilliant chassis) and I was a bit concerned how the bigger King feels because I bought it without ever riding one. I just knew it was the bike I wanted. Based on todays ride the B-King didn't disappoint.

Great bike. I think I'll get adjustable pegs but otherwise no complaints.

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Number of posts : 4814
Age : 52
Location : leicestershire
Registration date : 2011-09-29

PostSubject: Re: Hello (FI)   Thu 9 Apr 2015 - 21:49

Welcome to the forum

Rules and info for members Please read

http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/478375615523237/  (B-king facebook group)
https://twitter.com/Suzukibkinginfo     (B-king twitter)

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Grumpy Old Man
Fifth Gear And Gone
Fifth Gear And Gone

Number of posts : 352
Location : SouthEast Texas USA
Registration date : 2014-01-25

PostSubject: Re: Hello (FI)   Fri 10 Apr 2015 - 1:44

Love the sinister look of the Black
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Fifth Gear And Gone
Fifth Gear And Gone

Number of posts : 400
Age : 58
Location : Northants
Registration date : 2014-08-15

PostSubject: Re: Hello (FI)   Fri 10 Apr 2015 - 6:04

Welcome ukflaggif
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In Neutral
In Neutral

Number of posts : 18
Location : Melbourne
Registration date : 2015-03-12

PostSubject: Welcome   Fri 10 Apr 2015 - 7:41

Welcome. I am the same, in that I bought without riding first, but I was also really attracted to the aggressive style, the upright position, the naked style, and of course, the power.
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Number of posts : 565
Age : 48
Location : East Yorkshire
Registration date : 2012-11-26

PostSubject: Re: Hello (FI)   Fri 10 Apr 2015 - 9:23

Welcome and enjoy
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Hello (FI)

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