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descriptionwhere to go for servicing

Hi all
have just bought my first b-king and am in love after a month of riding,
bike is superb at everything.
my question is where to take it for servicing.
I live in Carlisle Cumbria but don't mind a bit of travelling to get to the right guy.
thanks in advance.

descriptionRe: where to go for servicing

this is a long way from you but I have been using them since a lad with my GT 250 ram air , and I cant fault them , great service from them every time


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descriptionRe: where to go for servicing

re servicing,my mate was just quoted £600 for a service at Tamworth Yamaha for his fz1,24000miles, affraid they said it will take 2 days because the head has to come of for re shimming.what do you recon. Mad 

descriptionRe: where to go for servicing

Brewer str Soho is where i got a great service....and she was Brazilian.

descriptionRe: where to go for servicing

Hi Twodogs,

There are about 5 kings in my town plus Hayabusa's and we all use Hartlepool Motorcycle Service Centre, Unit 3, Usworth Business Park, Usworth Rd, Hartlepool TS25 1PD
Phone:01429 279200.

We are about 100 miles from you, so should take about 40 mins to get there lol.

Proprietor is Richi Parrot, a one man show so will have to book in advance. He is all round good guy, excellent mechanic, ex TT racer, track day, Yam LC nut and always has tea and biccies on offer. He also has a lap top with ECU editor installed, and Im sure a few spare cables left to connect your bike up. He has done basic stuff to mine and others like removing limiters, raising rev limiter and disabling exhaust valve.

I'm actually selling mine and moving over your way, but if you fancy popping over, drop me a PM, and I will hook you up with some of my pals who have kings but don't use this forum, or If I'm still about will meet up so you can kill some time whilst your bike is sorted.
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