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descriptionsetting time and date on here  Emptysetting time and date on here

If you go in to your PROFILE top of page then PREFERENCES you find the option to set the time and format for where ever you are in the world !

descriptionsetting time and date on here  EmptyRe: setting time and date on here

servers have updated the Timezone  < I have done my bit from this end you have to change yours in your profile

Dear members !

We are very happy to announce an  update of the timezone management on forums.

The timezone settings are much more precise now :  you can be sure that  the forum will show the right time according to your location.
However, you will see, as the choice of locations is much larger than it was before, you and your members have to make some little adjustements.

It is important to choose a timezone which corresponds most closely to your geographical location.  

Don’t forget, there are 2 different timezone settings to consider on your forum:

•The forum's default Timezone   ( I have done this )

•The personal Timezone in the profile of the user  ( you members do this )

So, if you are the founder of the forum you have to check both of them.  The members of your forum have to adjust the second one, in their profiles.

2. Personal Timezone
When you are logged in, click on "Profile" on the top of your forum

Click on "Preferences" tab, just above the frame.   (you do this )
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