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descriptionnew member and low rev misfire issue

recently bought my first bk and i absolutely love it however it has developed a low rev misfire when at running temp. the bike has done 11k miles and was last serviced 3k ago so i was wondering if anyone has the same issue and what the fix is.
i have owned the bike for five weeks and i am sure someone is telling me i should not be the owner of such a beast,firstly in week one i ha a pheasant fly out and hit me head on at 80mph in the headlight, no damage other than blood and guts everywhere lol also last week while sat in a starbucks car park planning our days trip around south wales a big old farmer dude decided to back his truck into my bk in the car park, me and my mate just sat there and watched it all in slow motion, plenty of scratches and scuffs amounting to £3700 worth of damage which i suspect may write it off bummer either way i will be keeping the bike as i just cant get enough of it.
cracking site and i will be visiting regularly.
gerry near swansea

descriptionRe: new member and low rev misfire issue

welcome m8 to our forum , sure some one you help with your misfire , I would have gone mad with the farmer affraid let us know how you get on

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descriptionRe: new member and low rev misfire issue

did the fall go left or right ?
side stand switch , on its side fuel cut off switch , does it throw any codes on the dash.
ignition side sender unit ?
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