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descriptionNew...GSX1400 owner

Well after being on my second gsx1400 in 6 years I feel it's time for a change... Went to spa few weeks back with the lads on various bikes and I'm finding the old girl a bit agricultural so I'm looking for something new-ish..most of ex 1400 owners migrate to the kawasaki z1000 but it looks a bit small (600 like) and I want something with presence and after looking at one this weekend I'm smitten...its going to be a few weeks/months till I find the right one...so what should I look out for when looking at these

descriptionRe: New...GSX1400 owner

Welcome Mat

From what I've found out about these bikes, they have very few reliability issues/glitches cheers

So in my opinion, I would be looking at mileage, service history and price (some on here would have you look at the colour first Wink )

hope this helps. good luck with your search for your new bike thumbs up 2

descriptionRe: New...GSX1400 owner

I loved my GSX1400 (and sold it to a good friend so I can still ride it if I like). The B-King however is a big step up in performance and handling.

descriptionRe: New...GSX1400 owner

Wahoo.. Plus not much pillion room

descriptionRe: New...GSX1400 owner

I have both.

I bought the 14 after a few years on the King.

The King is a great performance naked,
best as a solo bike on shorter rides.

I bought the 14 because it beats the King hands down
for touring, pillion use, tank range, luggage, comfort etc.

I don't take my 1400 out with mates on Sportsbikes.

I don't take my King across the country or with a pillion.

Both bikes WILL do a bit of everything,
but they certainly have area's the are better at.

descriptionRe: New...GSX1400 owner

Look for:

Clutch bolts have been checked and loctited.

Rec / Reg recall has been done.

Throttle cables haven't been rubbing the clocks.

ALL bikes came with pillion seat and single seat cowl.
Bike should come with both.

Aftermarket cans are personal taste but don't expect performance gains.

If it has the "wrong" size tyre, a 190/55 instead of a 200/50 don't worry,
its a very common mod and one many folk like.

descriptionRe: New...GSX1400 owner

Edit. Sorry.

descriptionRe: New...GSX1400 owner

Well finally after week and a half of dealing with complete numptys saying there doing me a favour and the bikes only worth £2500 the bike went today for £3500 to a really nice chap who fell in love with it...
I had emails from people saying they like the bike and want to give me £2500 and when I say why would I knock of a grand before they have even looked I get a abuse saying im out of line in my refusual ....
So ....better start seriously looking
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