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descriptionHello from Brisbane

Hi Guys
Just joined the group and just brought my bking haven't given it a good work out just yet

descriptionRe: Hello from Brisbane

howdy mate good to see another ozzie bking rider , pleanty of good blokes and advice on  here but watch out for the
advice from the slow silver bking riders jocolor  but learn from the fast black bking riders ( )

tell us more about your bike mods etc..

descriptionRe: Hello from Brisbane

No mods yet stock as it comes
Not sure what will come first
Any suggestions

descriptionRe: Hello from Brisbane

derestrict and trim std ecu bin file for starters a bit more power and less restrictions

I have a 4 into 1 busa exhaust on mine but a lot of people like thew under tail Yoshi pipes (see Tom)

descriptionRe: Hello from Brisbane

Hi and welcome vx!

I bought mine a year ago, and quickly became bored with the torque curve; fast, but utterly predictable (like a big electric engine). Putting on a full exhaust system (which gets rid of the cat) made the bike a lot more enjoyable/aggressive, partnered with extensive dynotuning. Sounds nuts, too.

I put on an aftermarket quickshifter and launch control/race unit which increases the fun again, but I'd recommend talking to Todd Spiers on this site; he's one of the best flashers for this bike in the world, and is over in NZ. Don't get a power commander, as the ECU flash is much more effective and allows quickshifter functionality too.

I raced my bike last weekend around the track in Adelaide, and was keeping up with fully race-prepped bikes; Bkings are amazing when livened-up!

One side note: the bike's suspension is set hideously soft from the factory, set for about a 70 KG rider. Spend the $50 and get your local race bike shop to set the suspension for you (and levers etc at the same time, if you're not wrenchie).

descriptionRe: Hello from Brisbane

not so far away Super Bike Performance in Marion can flash and dyno the bking no problems. What a Face
I had mine blue printed there , dialled std cams .010 off the head and a port job & ecu edit it now makes 189rwhp and 107 rwftlbs

fast just doesn't describe it.

descriptionRe: Hello from Brisbane

:wel: to .org.

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descriptionRe: Hello from Brisbane

Hello! Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will enjoy the bike as much as we all do! :wel:

Name: Tom
Bike: Black 2008 B-King
Current mods/addons:
-set of OES sliders (frame, swingarm, forks),
-set of black Beowulf rad covers,
-SS Yoshimura TRC exhaust under stock covers [Tutorial on how to do it]
-TwoBrothers JuiceBox PRO,
-TwoBrothers air filter,

My YouTube channel:

descriptionRe: Hello from Brisbane

I'm just on the Brisbane Northside.

Had mine since 07.

I'm guessing yours might be a 2nd hand local bike?
I know several of the Ex-Owners / bikes around Brisbane.

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