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I'm Colin and i want to say to all hi. Glad to be part of the forum.
I drive a 2008 Suzuki B-King and love it!
Thanks for having me .

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Welcome Laughing Rare to see a stock one these days.. I'm sure you will find plenty of mods here..

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Howdy Colin, from WA state USA.
Yep, I am a stock kinda guy! Only mods so far is fly screen from po, foot pegs lowered, bars raised.
Have had mine nearly 3 years and is is in a stable of 5 bikes. So not ridden daily but enjoyed very much!

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Hi there and welcome to the gang :wel:

Mines looks exacly the same but I rund Yoshimura pipes tucked under the stock exhaust covers Cool

Name: Tom
Bike: Black 2008 B-King
Current mods/addons:
-set of OES sliders (frame, swingarm, forks),
-set of black Beowulf rad covers,
-SS Yoshimura TRC exhaust under stock covers [Tutorial on how to do it]
-TwoBrothers JuiceBox PRO,
-TwoBrothers air filter,

My YouTube channel:

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A black King with ABS, just like mine!
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