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descriptionHi all from the sunshine state.

Gene here but it seems like I'm pretty late to the party.Not getting any responses to my posts lol. Any how just picked up an 08 King with 11000 on it.Got a really good deal it had a faulty gear position switch that I bypassed with a 2.5 ohm resistor.Ya I know TRE's suck but its worlds better than the limiter cutting in at 9500 just about every gear and its cheap.So the plan is to do airbox mod,pipercross air filter already has YOSHIMURA TRC Slip-On and maybe decat it someday. and would like to flash and autotune the ECU. So I hope someones still here because I'm gonna need lots of advice.Ok be safe out there because this things a BEAST!

descriptionRe: Hi all from the sunshine state.

Hi gene,ed here,a fellow (transplanted) Floridian,what do u want to know?

descriptionRe: Hi all from the sunshine state.

:wel: to .org.

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descriptionRe: Hi all from the sunshine state.

Hello Gene and welcome to the brotherhood. :wel:

Name: Tom
Bike: Black 2008 B-King
Current mods/addons:
-set of OES sliders (frame, swingarm, forks),
-set of black Beowulf rad covers,
-SS Yoshimura TRC exhaust under stock covers [Tutorial on how to do it]
-TwoBrothers JuiceBox PRO,
-TwoBrothers air filter,

My YouTube channel:

description Thanks 4 the welcome

Alright there are some warm bodies still here.Well First off i was wanting to gear it down some because i'm an admitted speed junkie and keep finding myself at the upper limit over *** better not say but redline in 5th.Thought that if i knock it down some like 10% it would slow me down Ha-Ha.Don't worry I have lots of empty road out here in the sticks.What I really enjoy is pulls from 2nd to the top of 5th.So I found Gear Commander ran some numbers to see what combo i can run with the stock chain and lowest gearing and just pulled the trigger on a set of JT sprockets 17 front 46 rear.Thats a little over 13% i'll let you guys know how it goes.And just ordered rear cush rubbers the red ones off ebay.They had a little play in them and did not want to chance damaging anything.Pipercross air filter is in route and im concerned about going lean.I know alot of guys say its alright but like i said I like to do pulls up to the top of 5th maybe 5 or six of them when im out for about a 1/2 hour 2 or 3 times a week.Well its getting long so please see my post in ecu flashing would like to autotune but it it looks pretty expensive. Thank for any help .Gene

descriptionRe: Hi all from the sunshine state.

Gene your in the sticks? N s e w in Florida? What mods do u have so far?
PC,TRE,slips,full exhaust,air box mod,etc? U wanna gear it lower? Correct?
Or higher? I'd go smaller on front by 1 tooth,or bigger on back by 3.The biggest
Improvement is a full exhaust an air box mod with PC5.
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