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descriptionBEE-Alive here in Upstate, NY

Greetings group, very happy to be not only back in SUZUKI land, but with a B-King too !  Just picked it up last Saturday and rode it home a few hours.  All I can say is Wow, I feel I am at home again.  I sold my 2008 GSXR1000 a few years ago and regretted it .  Bought a used ZX10R a couple years back but never really felt like I bonded with her.  This bike is an absolute JOY to ride.  Smooth, stable and I just LOVE that power too !  Looking to de-restrict it to try and gain some efficiency and fuel economy.  I mostly ride on the HWY so may likely re-gear her down one in the back and up one in the front, we'll see.  

Just bought a Morimoto D2S Bi-Xenon kit to replace the faltering HID on the bike now.  I will also do the side marker LED mod as I like the looks of it.  I also really like the Blue White paint scheme on the Administrator's 'B.  May opt for that as my tank needs re-finishing.

Anyways, many thanks for all the good information here.


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descriptionRe: BEE-Alive here in Upstate, NY

Welcome aboard. Post up pictures when you are finished.

descriptionRe: BEE-Alive here in Upstate, NY

@AtLarge wrote:
Welcome aboard.  Post up pictures when you are finished.

You can post some before too! Wink

descriptionOne thing Leads to another -OR-

One GOOD turn deserves another. As it always goes, removing the old light kit to install the new one turns into an opportunity to do additional maintenance too ! Since I puled the side pods off, headlamp, stabilizer, loosened the tank, I decided to do a few more incidentals. Coolant, oil change, new plugs, air filter and check valve lash. Since it could use some paint maybe consider the limited production euro White/Blue paint scheme ?? And bronze wheels ? I dunno about that bit, maybe anodize them Blue...Yee - Haaa ! sunny

descriptionRe: BEE-Alive here in Upstate, NY

I know Im a bit late but..

Hi there and welcome to our mad lot :wel:

Name: Tom
Bike: Black 2008 B-King
Current mods/addons:
-set of OES sliders (frame, swingarm, forks),
-set of black Beowulf rad covers,
-SS Yoshimura TRC exhaust under stock covers [Tutorial on how to do it]
-TwoBrothers JuiceBox PRO,
-TwoBrothers air filter,

My YouTube channel:

descriptionRe: BEE-Alive here in Upstate, NY

Thanks Josh, yes, you are a MAD-MAD lot ! I like the forums and enjoy the reading.

I was very interested in your write-up about using the SS Yosh slip-Ons under the stock muffler covers. I sent you a PM with some questions...


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