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descriptionNew member from Belgium

Hi everyone,

It's my first time visiting this forum, been a King owner for almost 2 years now, probably the best bike I've ever owned or rode on.

Here's mine:

All stock except for the exhaust (triple IXIL, I bought it secondhand this way), unfortunately I also had to replace the indicator panels after some idiot reversed into it and it fell over and apparently the replacement parts come without the Suzuki logo on them, but I don't mind really, more black is better :-)

descriptionRe: New member from Belgium


Black with ABS, just like mine. There's not many around!

descriptionRe: New member from Belgium

:wel: to .org.

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descriptionRe: New member from Belgium

Hi Killroy and welcome to our mad lot :wel: .

Thats a great looking bike you have there

Name: Tom
Bike: Black 2008 B-King
Current mods/addons:
-set of OES sliders (frame, swingarm, forks),
-set of black Beowulf rad covers,
-SS Yoshimura TRC exhaust under stock covers [Tutorial on how to do it]
-TwoBrothers JuiceBox PRO,
-TwoBrothers air filter,

My YouTube channel:
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