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descriptionGreat greetings to everyone!

My name is Alen and I am catholic priest from Croatia. Motorcycles are my hobby and great passion. I have a lot of mechanical knowledge (my dad is mechanic), services and repairs on my and friends bikes I'm doing myself.
A few years ago I saw B-king the first time and was delighted. Three months ago I bought my B-king (2008). It's not in ideal condition because it's badly maintained, but now gets all the possible attention (how many finances allow ... Smile) and gets a old glow. Has 70000 km and tuned to 200 hp but engine works great especially after the service. In Croatia is very rare bike and it is difficult to find parts and they are very expensive... but step by step Smile
I'm glad I found this forum. I salute you all and God bless you and kept safe in life and on the road! cheers

descriptionRe: Great greetings to everyone!


Don´t forget to present your bike with pictures!

descriptionRe: Great greetings to everyone!

Hi there,

I know what you mean by parts are hard and expensive to come by, not many spares in New Zealand either Shocked

Anyway congrats on your purchase with 200hp thats a bloody good tune , happy riding to you

descriptionRe: Great greetings to everyone!

:wel: to .org.

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descriptionRe: Great greetings to everyone!

Welcome from Texas, USA.
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