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Hi to ALL
Just joined the forum.
I`m not a bking owner at the moment but I am looking at buying one shortly.
Have to admit I don't know much about the bike other than it`s a naked bussa.
I have owned several suzukis  1979 gsx 750et, 1985 gsx 1100 efe, 1999 gsf1200, 2005 gsf1200.

Looking to learn as much as possible about the suzuki bking, any advice tips info greatly received.

Hope this is ok with you guys

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:wel: to .org. There getting harder to find, you won't be disappointed awesome bikes Newbie  804287

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Welcome, you've come to the place Smile

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Welcome to the forum, marian cheers

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Just to leave you drooling, it is an AWESOME BIKE!!! Twisted Evil
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