I just bought 2 B-kings from the original owner. Yes he bought 2 new from the dealer! After having 2 1986 GSXR 1100s and a 2002 Hayabusa, I love my B-Kings. The black one had 168 miles on it (now 327 miles) and the other (Silver one) has 1619 miles on it. I am going to sell the silver one for $9500. Both are ABSOULTLY PERFECT! He kept them inside his house and I have the pictures of them inside his family room. There is not even a hint of a scratch.
I want to move the handlebars back and up just a little bit. Maybe 1 inch both ways. Does anyone know what riser kit or what bars would accomplish my objective? Also if anyone wants to buy a PERFECT Silver B-King, contact me.