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Good day everyone. Name is Sean and I am from petawawa in Canada. Just purchased a 08 B king with 24000 km on. Took it for my first little ride this morning. I also own a Brutale 675. Very different bikes!!!
The B king feels awesome. Smooth shifting, great excelleration. This thing is gonna be a blast.

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Well, the B-King is almost twice as large displacement wise as the Brutale, so yeah, it'll be a blast for sure. ;-)

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:wel: to .org.

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Welcome aboard.

I've not been in here long and although a lot of info has fallen away such as hosted photos and links, there is a mine of info here that I'm still wading thru.

The B--King is amazing. Brutal but a great daily rider. I commute on mine - makes going to work so much more enjoyable lol

I love the MV. The Brutale is a beautiful street bike with style in buckets.


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If you put it in Mode B, it's not brutal at all. But where's the fun in doing that. LOL!!

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Mine only goes into B mode of its absolutely throwing it down or icy. You never get tired of the force resulting from a twist of the wrist. Addictive lol
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