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Hi BKing lovers I have had mine since 2007 , it has been a dyno mule (170 runs)
Motor has been blue printed , head slightly ported std cams dialed , head shaved 10thou  189.9RWHP and 106Ftlbs on a dynojet dyno ,
a drag racer 9.86 137 std height
it has been to lake gairdner for a week of salt racing , netting me a 278kph top speed.

and I have just bought a second one almost stock , stored in a container for an investment

so I am fully addicted to the king


descriptionBking Heaven EmptyRe: Bking Heaven

I bought mine from a friend in 2017, only had 3200 miles on it. It has the Yoshimura exhaust, K & N air filter, and now has a Dyno Jet Power Commander V. It's way too fast for me, LMAO! I still love it though, especially the looks.

descriptionBking Heaven EmptyRe: Bking Heaven

Looks great!    I bought mine in January 2011, brand new left over.     I remember pointing out to the salesman the left foot peg end was broken off and there was the smallest of scratches on the bottom of the mag cover.    With zero hesitation they gave me a new cover with gasket, left foot peg, and even the oem accessory headlight visor because they wanted all things Bking gone lol.    

Still loving mine, finally added some R&G radiator and oil cooler guards the other day.  

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