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descriptionNewbie owner from Bristol UK

Hi all! Just got my black King yesterday, was going to get a new one but the dealer had an '09 used with 1150 miles on the clock. So made a great saving and a good price for the KTM 950SM. Owned the KT from new and had it 5yrs, fantastic bike but after 25,000, not wanting to rag a bike everywhere and loving streetfighters decided on a change.

And the BK is smooth to bonkers and makes I SMILE! But you all knew that anyway Wink

Looking forward to picking brains and making a general nuisance of myself Laughing

All the best


descriptionRe: Newbie owner from Bristol UK

Hi enigma,

I had a Duke 620 when they very first came out, most unreliable bike I ever had, had an engine failure, paint fell off, kick start broke (no electric start), electrics were all over the place blah blah.

How did you find the builkd quality etc of your bike?

Welcome by the way, you can't beat a BK at the end of the day Smile


descriptionRe: Newbie owner from Bristol UK

Hi Mark, thanks for welcome Smile

In the time I had it was a couple of recall fixes that never affected my bike, fuel pump needed replacing, hydraulic clutch seal and water pump seal. Went thru 3 fronts and 4 rears, still had original pads. After the fun I had with it was happy with it's reliability, tho expect better from the BK......... well except for tyres Laughing

descriptionRe: Newbie owner from Bristol UK

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