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Hi there,

I've been browsing the forums for some time but I haven't posted anything up to now.
My name is Tommy, I live in Stargard Szczeciński - a relatively small city in Poland.

It is the 4th season of my B-King. It is my second motorbike after 2005 Yamaha FZ6, which I was riding for over 4 seasons (I've done over 25.000 kilometers on it). I sold the FZ6 in order to buy the new B-King from the local dealer.

On the second season after I bought the King, I had an accident, where not-so-smart and not-so-pollite lady hit me on the first sunny day of spring. Apart from dislocated arm, I am happy that nothing serious happened to me. However, the bike had to be repaired - whole right side of the bike had been replaced with new parts including the front fork, front brakes (smashed caliper, broken disc, torn lines).

Fortunately, it wasn't my fault and the insurance company covered the costs of repair. Yet, one riding season had to past.

Despite that unfortunate event, I am really happy with my King. I was the first one in my province and the first one in the northern part of my country, who bought this machine. Although the bike is rather controversall whereever I go, I don't care much about others' opinions about the bike and the way I spent my money.

Apart from framesliders by OES Accesories, my bike is completely stock (not for long, though xd).

Currently I am waiting for a package from Twobros, which contains carbon fiber slip-ons (black series), top tune kit (air filter, juice box pro, 2x p1 powertips, 2x p1x powertips) and S1 Pro bikestand.

As soon as I get the package I will do a review of the mods, first impression and later I will try to update it as I put some mileage with them installed.

Here are two pictures of me and my B-King:

Hello from Poland Miedwie Hello from Poland P2503101743

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Welcome Exclamation

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Yay, thx for the warm welcome guys Smile

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