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No helmet law

Tony Nitrous
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You are right about the possibility of me getting lumped into an ass category for riding and racing and general motorcycle buffoonery!

To me, wearing a helmet is like using a seat belt... or looking before you cross the street... or not making eye contact with the 120 lbs Rottweiler... or eyeballing the Armored Truck guard when he's carrying his little bag. All of these things are just a good idea and failure to follow them could easily result in a very Preventable situation.

When a preventable mistake is made that can end up costing tax dollars, then as one of the people who pays a LOT of money in taxes, i feel justified in speaking up.

I wonder if these guys who don't want to wear helmets because it infringes on their freedoms feel the same about speed limit laws or double yellow lines on the road or which side of the freeway they should ride on? Aren't those also restrictions on their personal freedoms?

Sure they are... but if the helmet less rider bumps his head (doesn't take much of a bump to cause serious damage or death... which a helmet can easily absorb) so lets say this guy bumps his head and doesn't die, but just becomes a drool monkey. And lets suppose he has a couple of kids at home. And he's uninsured or under insured and he lives in California. Well my tax dollars are now going to pay for all his brain scans and his hospital stay (which can easily add up to several thousand dollars a day)

Now who is going to explain to little suzy and johnny that their daddy won't ever be able to come home because he wasn't about to let the man pontificate to him and make him wear a helmet. He's an American damn it and can do whatever the f he likes! He's to independent to be told he has to wear a helmet.

How independent is he if he's dead? Or if he can't wipe his own ass?

It doesn't take much of a bump on the head to kill you or damage you for life. And if you take a little bump without a helmet and you have kids? Shame on you...

my rambling 2 cents... Smile

descriptionNo helmet law - Page 2 EmptyRe: No helmet law

The is always another 'what if' to pull from this side or that, and neither is definitely wrong or right.

I think the bottom line is this- it is unreasonable to ask humanity to eliminate every risk from our daily existence as risks serve a psychosocial purpose. BUT
It is not unreasonable to place sensible/agreeable limits on said risks... i.e. wearing a seatbelt or helmet, limiting drinking/smoking ages, safety seats for small children, insurance laws, obtaining a scuba diving certification before diving, etc. While freedom is a noble pursuit, history and experience teach that the majority cannot be wholly entrusted with it, and most of us need limits. (I know I do- the threat of hefty fines/ license loss keeps me from recklessly speeding on an open highway even if I'm the only one on the road). Elsewise, why have any laws at all? We'll all do the right thing... right?

descriptionNo helmet law - Page 2 EmptyRe: No helmet law

I think cantwait has summed it up perfectly. We have duties and responsibilities in our society which make it civilised. I personally don't want the law of the jungle in the name of freedom.

Old and Disgraceful

descriptionNo helmet law - Page 2 EmptyRe: No helmet law

no helmut means no insurance , so when you turn into a vegetable after hitting the road your family can take care of you for the rest of their lives at their cost.

Sounds responsible to me Rolling Eyes
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