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descriptionNewbie in Southern Indiana

Hello everyone. New to the forum here and lurking. No B-King at the moment, but kind of on the prowl for one. Unfortunately I do not know of any in my area to check out so I haven't made a final decision.

I was previously a knee dragger on liter bikes and sold my last one ~2 years ago. The itch is getting loud for a bike again, and I was thinking I'd like something more comfortable. Plus after a recent trip to the UK, seeing all of the bikes there really had me going nuts.

So considering I want something fast, but sporty, it appears a B King may fit the bill. I had ridden a friends FZ1 quite a few times and the motor was not inspiring in the slightest (I often wondered if it was a 600).

descriptionRe: Newbie in Southern Indiana


welcome, get one m8 asap and you will not regret it


descriptionRe: Newbie in Southern Indiana

welcome to the forum , and get one ,you will never look back

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descriptionRe: Newbie in Southern Indiana

Hey, newbie! Welcome to the forum from a fellow Hoosier. You owe it to yourself to look into a B-King. A superb bike, best I've ever owned, and love to ride the twisties down in the sourthern part of our fine state (especially those on the East side of Tell City).

You should be able to locate a very lightly used King in Indiana for around $7.2k - 7.5k, maybe even less. I bought mine new from a dealer for $8.4k in early 2011.

Welcome to the site. Get a King and you won't regret it.

descriptionRe: Newbie in Southern Indiana

@davehutch wrote:
welcome to the forum , and get one ,you will never look back

Do your mirrors shake too ? .... Laughing

Welcome Hardrvin.

Kings a bit different to a Sportsbike, and a couple of members have
gone back to more sporty stuff. Kings a great bike if it suits you.

Brakes and motor are excellent, tank size and pillion aren't !

Not as nimble as the sporty naked 1000's, but packs a real punch
and has better running gear than the cruiser V-Max, Ducati, V-Rod etc.

Apart from the BMW with its funny front end and shaft drive,
the King is the only Big Bore Naked with Sporty running gear.

On paper its numbers go against it, longer and heavier than
a Hayabusa but put some miles on one and get used to it and
it really isnt noticeable. Not perfect, but a good fun bike.

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