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descriptionNewbie in Baltimore MD

Hi all,

Well after a bit of a search, I managed to find a 2008 B-King in Silver/charcoal up in NH with 5800 miles on it for a price that didnt break the bank. Merry Christmas to me!. Ive been eyeing the bike since it came out and finally was able to put one in the garage.

We got lucky and had a 65 deg day yesterday, so I was able to put about 80 miles on it after I got it inspected. I do like it a lot, though the view forward-seeing nothing but road- was a bit odd at first. Tiny Bit cramped in the pegs even for my short 31" legs so Buell pegs may be in order.

The bike has a new-ish DanMoto single can exhaust, which is, from what I can find, a cheap $100 chinese can. FWIW it honestly sounds GREAT, BUUUUT based on where it sits, it is going to eventually discolor the tail so it is coming off soon. The previous owner traded it so Im guessing he removed an expensive system for the $$$ and put on the cheapest replacement he could find. When I started it, it smelled just like a new exhaust burning in so....

Been going back and forth between 2-bros, FMF, and Yosh. I think Ive decided on the Yoshi system, but cant decide between which one. Im not a big fan of shiny, and I dont know that I want to toss $800+ for the Carbon so titanium may win. Still deciding. Leo Vince looks nice but too much for my wallet. Any comments either way are welcome.


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Welcome to the forum Jeff!!

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Welcome and merry xmas!

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I put Zard pipes on mine and I love em!

descriptionRe: Newbie in Baltimore MD

:wel: Jeff

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